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Researchers at Colorado State University are conducting a study assessing the market channel performance of non-commodity marketing strategies (e.g., wholesale distribution channels, farmers’ markets, Community Supported Agriculture, farm-to-school) with the goal to improve farm profitability. The Principal Investigator for this project is Dr. Becca Jablonski and co-Principal Investigators are Dr. Dawn Thilmany McFadden and Martha Sullins.

Participation in this survey will take approximately 10 minutes. Your participation in this research is voluntary. If you decide to participate in the study, you may withdraw your consent and stop participation at any time without penalty.

When we report and share the data with others, we will combine the data from all participants. We will keep your data confidential. While there is no direct compensation for participating in this research, our hope is that this research will enable us to begin to develop benchmarks for farms that sell through non-commodity oriented markets, thereby improving the viability of Colorado agriculture.

It is not possible to identify all potential risks in research procedures, but the researchers have taken reasonable safeguards to minimize any known and potential (but unknown) risks.

To indicate your willingness to participate in this research and to continue on to the survey, please check "I consent" below.

If you have any questions about this research, please contact Dr. Becca Jablonski at 970-491-6133 or If you have any questions about your rights as a volunteer in this research, contact the Colorado State University Institutional Review Board at:; 970-491-6133.

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